Meet the Volunteers of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Meet the Volunteers of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association

As a volunteer organization, hundreds of Chapter Leaders and volunteers across the country come together to create unforgettable golf experiences for our thousands of members.
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We asked our volunteer leaders to nominate their volunteer champions to be recognized for their dedication to the organization. These volunteers, along with others, team up to create positive change and further the game of golf in their community. Our volunteers are true champions.

Below you can learn more about some of the heroes who make the LPGA Amateur Golf Association what it is – and if you’re interested in volunteering, please contact your local Chapter to find out how you can get involved.

Brenda Higuchi

President, Canada

Dedicated and professional, Brenda treats everyone with respect and dignity.  This year, Brenda has been balancing two President Roles, a full time job, and raising a family. Brenda has exhibited patience and does the due diligence to ensure the Chapter is top of the bylaws, meetings and deadlines. Brenda has improved Canada’s bylaws and communication.

Two volunteers submitted Brenda to be recognized, her fellow volunteers say “Brenda is the total spokesperson for league. She walks the talk.” Another added, “She has worked overtime to make the EWGA in Canada a better organization. She gives her heart to our organization with all the other people in her life that needs her time.” Brenda is a true volunteer hero for the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, thank you for all that you do to grow the game of golf in Canada.


Kerstin Koenig

Chairperson for Golf Events and Golf Leagues, Southwest Florida

Kerstin puts together the monthly golf events and manages the weekly leagues. Despite having a full-time job running her own travel business, she has balances a multitude of issues that come with putting together weekly leagues and does so with grace.  Kerstin varies the format of the events, she has arranged league play for two weekend days and one week day to accommodate members who work. She also plans events so that all members feel comfortable playing regardless of their skill level while negotiating great rates for the players. A fellow volunteer reported that “Kerstin manages to scout out the best private clubs for the Chapter’s monthly golf events and manages to put together the teams while keeping everyone happy. Kerstin’s enthusiasm, work ethic and love of EWGA keeps her going without much thanks from anyone.” Kerstin was submitted four times for recognition, here’s some other quotes from her fellow volunteer leaders:  “She is always willing to lend a helping hand and is just a wealth of information to me!”  “Our chapter is lucky to have such a dedicated, caring person as part of our team.” “She is a super-volunteer and we’re lucky to have her.”

Kerstin is not only a volunteer but a sponsor of the organization. LPGA Amateur Golf Association headquarters thanks you, Kerstin, for your support to the organization and all the hard work you do behind the scenes and at a local level.


Mary Despe

Marketing Director, Hawaii

Mary accepted the challenge to single-handedly take on the role of both Marketing Director and Chapter Tournament Director.  She helped bring the Hawaii Chapter current on their social media and events postings, as well as invited cash and in-kind sponsors for Hawaii’s 5th Annual Tournament.  A fellow Board member shared, “She is dedicated, professional, caring, resourceful, and diligent in all her Chapter duties.  She did all of this in the midst of working full time, traveling, and dealing with various physical injuries and ailments. We are so grateful to have her on our team this year!” From us at LPGA Amateur Golf Association headquarters, mahalo nui loa!


Beth Marcotte

Chairperson for Social Events, Southwest Florida

Shortly after she became a member of the organization, Beth started actively volunteering. Before Beth became the Southwestern Florida’s Chairperson for Social Events she served as the Tournament Day Director for two years. Her fellow Chapter volunteers shared she goes above and beyond to make every event she is involved with a success. Beth spends a lot of time scouting locations and is always looking for new and exciting ideas.

Four different leaders at the Chapter level wanted to recognize Beth for her hard work. Beyond planning and implementing awesome events, the leaders shared Beth is a true ambassador for the Chapter, she always makes everyone feel welcome, and she has recruited many members by spreading the word about the organization. When we asked her fellow volunteer leader who nominated her what makes her a great volunteer she responded, “Her enthusiasm and passion for everything she does. She always gives 100%.” Another leader when asked if there was anything else to share about Beth said, “Beth’s enthusiasm is contagious. She sets the standard and is a great role model for all of us who volunteer.” Beth, we at LPGA Amateur Golf Association headquarters are grateful for your dedication to the organization and commitment to growing the game of golf. Thank you!


Carolyn Calvacca

Past Education and Handicap Chair, Brevard Space Coast Chapter

Over the years Carolyn has been in various volunteer roles including: Golf Programs Director, Handicap Chair, and Operations Leader. Carolyn has been a tireless proponent of education and training in the Brevard Space Coast Chapter. Not only does she donate her time volunteering, she consistently donates from her business and goes above and beyond. She has spent hours designing, negotiating and implementing training sessions that encourage all skills levels including new to golf members to our more seasoned members.

The Chapter Leader who nominated Carolyn for recognition shared, “All in all, any Chapter would count their lucky stars to have a volunteer like Carolyn for as long as we did.” Thank you, Carolyn, for your support to the Brevard Space Coast Chapter and your dedication to the organization.


Paula Renfro

Website Administrator, Washington DC Metro

Paula, a longstanding member (since 2005), serves as the Website Administrator for the Washington DC Metro Chapter. Prior to this role she served as the Chapter’s Communication Director for several years.  This year she is no longer in the Communication Director role but is always available to assist with setting up event registrations especially as it related to the Chapter’s Spring Kick-off event. The Chapter Leader who nominated Paula for recognition for her hard work as a volunteer shared, “The Chapter very much appreciates Paula’s efforts.” Paula, we know from experience managing the website is a can be a task for true volunteer heroes. A big thank you for your hard work!


Wendy Bolton

Handicap Chair, Rochester Region NY

Wendy, a member since 2003, is the Handicap Chair for the Rochester Region Chapter. The Chapter leader shared, “Wendy is the go-to-girl for any handicap questions any member may have.” Wendy presents a Handicap Seminar annually for Rochester’s members to encourage them and help them to maintain a correct handicap index. Throughout Wendy’s many years as a member, she has held various BOD positions but is best known as the Chapter’s Handicap Lady. The Chapter leader shared, “We appreciate all the work and time Wendy put in as she volunteers for our Chapter.”  LPGA Amateur Golf Association headquarters appreciates all your support of the organization, thank you for all you do, Wendy!


Lori Stinson

President, Fort Wayne, IN

Lori has been engaged with the Chapter since Fort Wayne’s inception, 10 years ago. As a past Golf Coach at Grand Valley State College in Michigan, her knowledge and willingness to share was instrumental in kicking off the Fort Wayne Chapter and getting women excited to learn golf. She continues to share her knowledge with the Chapter and it’s members and is now in her second year as President.

Lori demonstrates her innovative thinking and puts in countless hours to help the Chapter make new relationships and think creatively. She started a President’s Video that is shared as part of the Chapter’s E-Blast and website. Lori participates in all of the EWGA sponsored events and has made connections across the country that help us expand ideas for the Ft. Wayne Chapter. The Chapter Leader who nominated Lori shared “We are hosting Regionals in Fort Wayne this year for the second time and Lori is a huge support for the organization and commitment needed for that event. Lori is always willing to help anyone inside (or outside) the chapter. She loves to share her knowledge and love for the game. Can’t think of a better leader than Lori to celebrate our 10th Anniversary as a Chapter!” Thank you, Lori, for your amazing work the past ten years as a member and volunteer for the organization.


Andrea Holmes

Events & Activities Volunteer, Boise-Treasure Valley, ID

Andrea joined the Chapter in 2015. The Boise-Treasure Valley Chapter reported Andrea has said yes to all requests made of her. Whether it was supporting the Events & Activities Director, helping the Board, or planning the social activities for the upcoming year. Despite challenges faced this year with a knee replacement surgery, Andrea excels at her volunteer position. The Chapter leader who nominated her for recognition shared, “Her positive attitude and can-do, will do spirit are refreshing.” Andrea, you demonstrate true perserverance, thank you for all that you do.


Carol Grant

Director of Member Recruiting, Boise-Treasure Valley, ID

Carol has been an active member since 2016 and shortly after becoming a member jumped right into volunteering. The Boise-Treasure Valley Chapter reported, Carol has brought in numerous members over the last 3 years. Carol demonstrates true team work as she stepped in and stepped into another volunteer role. She consumed the responsibilities of our Spring Brunch when another Chapter member had hip replacement surgery. The Chapter leader who honored Carol shared, “She rounded up the donations for our Brunch, creating very colorful and lavish baskets and center pieces while still recruiting new members. Carol also organized and ran the Chapter’s booth at the Golf Show to recruit new members while also organizing the Brunch donations.” Thank you, Carol, for your dedication to the Boise-Treasure Valley Chapter!


Linda Boyer

Communications Director, Westchester, NY

Linda has been a member for 11 years now. The Chapter reported she goes above and beyond to assist in every board position (event planning, marketing, IT, prepares great spreadsheets and checklists, etc.). The Chapter Leader who recognized her shared, “Linda was instrumental in making Westchester’s kick-off luncheon go smoothly. She is truly the backbone of our chapter!” Linda was also awarded the Chapter’s MVP award in 2017 as she played in the most events. Congratulations and thank you for all of your hard work, Linda!


Reta Kohari

Marketing and Sponsorship Director, Charlotte

Reta has been the Marketing and Sponsorship Director for Charlotte for four years. The Chapter leader who nominate Reta said it best, “Reta is our “ Energizer Bunny”. She never quits and does things to perfection! Her ability to organize and plan for the unexpected is amazing and contributes to the success of our chapter. Her dedication and commitment to our chapter is unsurpassed. Her kind and caring ways , makes it a joy to work with her. She is an integral component to the continued success of the Charlotte Chapter! She is a true team player!” When we asked if there was anything else they would like to share about her they added, “When Reta takes on any task and is not interested in getting praises, only in seeing that what needs to be done is done! We love her for that!” Thank you, Reta, for your support of the Charlotte Chapter and happy 10 year anniversary as a member of this organization!


Cheryl Maderazo

Finance and Records Director, Boise-Treasure Valley, ID

Shortly after becoming a member in April 2015, Cheryl dove right into volunteering as the Finance and Records Director of Boise-Treasure Valley and has been in the role for two years now. Cheryl researches and saves the Chapter money on expenses and even located cost savings for the Chapter. The Chapter leader who recognized her shared “Cheryl has always been there for me when I needed her. She has taken on the responsibilities of the Spring Brunch when another member had hip surgery. Cheryl has learned an auction program in less than a month to provide us with the program and biding information for our Brunch.” Thank you, Cheryl, for your dedication to growing the game of golf!


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