LPGA Family Values

LPGA Family Values

Act Like a Founder

Reminding ourselves of the philosophies that got us here. Strive to leave the LPGA/Chapter better than we found it by inspiring and encouraging fellow members and others through Passion, Pride and Perseverance. Ensuring that Chapters provide a safe place for women to learn and play golf.

Open Book

Accessibility, transparency, and honesty throughout the LPGA. Providing information, making decisions while acknowledging all sides that may be affected, providing support and responding in a timely manner.

Play it Forward

Driven by values, being community minded, having the give back spirit to make the Chapter, the game and the world a better place. Recognizing the Chapter leaders, mentors and other volunteers who help make this organization what it is today!

Women of Golf

LPGA has been empowering women for over 70 years. Making a difference for all skill levels and ages of female golfers including juniors, recreational and professional golfers.

Role Reversal

Seeing yourself in someone else’s shoes. Remember the feeling when you joined LPGA Amateurs? Take a minute to welcome and greet other members!