LPGA Amateur Golf AssociationTM


Dormie Network

Why should your company partner with the LPGA Amateur Golf AssociationTM?

We are the longest running national association that supports amateur women golfers. Members enjoy access to local and national networking, playing opportunities, and leadership development activities.

By partnering with the LPGA Amateur Golf AssociationTM, you get:

  • Access to over 12,000 highly engaged women of all ages in over 110 markets across the US and beyond.
  • Broad brand awareness through electronic, in-person, and print opportunities.
  • The opportunity to get recognition by affiliating with the well-respected LPGA brand.
  • A customized partnership package that fits your financial, brand, and employee needs.
  • A sales channel, driven by relationship marketing—our members want to be here, and they trust our organization.
  • Introductions to other business and industry partners.
  • The opportunity to support women’s networking initiatives within your company through supporting employee participation in the LPGA Amateur Golf AssociationTM clinics, leadership opportunities, and memberships.