LPGA Amateur Golf Association™

Who We Are

LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ is the women's golf community that provides opportunities for all women to:

Connect • Learn • Play • Belong®

Connecting thousands of women through the game of golf, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association is part of the LPGA family which includes the LPGA Tour, Symetra Tour, LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf, LPGA Teaching Academies, and LPGA Women’s Network.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a welcoming golf community for all women. The LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ transcends geographic boundaries. With Chapters in over 110 cities (and growing) in the US and internationally, we bring together and connect women who share a passion for golf. The LPGA Amateur Golf AssociationTM hosts thousands of golf, social, and networking events annually as well as providing members with the opportunity to participate in major Association championships and events.


Join the LPGA Amateur Golf Association™

Diverse in every way, members play golf for a variety of reasons – to learn something new, to connect with other women, for health and wellness, to compete, for business, or just plain fun. Whether you are a beginner taking your first lesson, returning to the game after some time, or a lifelong golfer, you will find a welcoming community with the LPGA Amateurs.


LPGA Amateur Golf Association™

A community of women who share a passion for golf and all it brings to their lives.

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