Virtual Community

The LPGA Amateurs Virtual Community is an online platform that promotes member engagement and interactions within each Chapter and globally. The Virtual Community brings an enhanced member directory that will help you find the right playing partner for you. The platform will also house an all-member community, a leader community, and a community for each local Chapter to help provide a sense of belonging and create new connections. To top the platform off, the Virtual Community Learn section includes golf education led by LPGA Professionals and industry leaders that includes swing tips, a beginner lesson series, practice programs, and more!

Some features of the Virtual Community:

  • All Member Community
  • Community for each Chapter
  • Enhanced Member Directory
  • Golf Education hosted by LPGA Professionals
  • Live chat feature
  • Earn badges for participation and milestones


How do I manage email notifications?

Default settings are set to weekly notifications. You can change your settings to receive notifications more often if you don’t want to miss out on staying up to date on posts and discussions from fellow members!
The Virtual Community can send members email notifications weekly, daily, hourly, as it happens, or you can opt out of emails. You can manage what notifications you receive and how often you receive them by:

  1. Login to the Virtual Community
  2. On the right hand side of the screen press on the circle which has a dropdown called Account Settings
  3. On the next page select Notification under Personal settings on the left.
  4. If you want an Email Digest [Hourly, Daily, or Weekly]: Under Email Digest select how often you would like to receive email notifications.
    If you want emails right away as things happen: select As-it-happens
    If you want to turn off email communications entirely: select Turn off Email notifications.
  5. Under Mention and Messages Notification Settings, review the setting for if you are mentioned or if someone messages you. If you want email notifications as it happens, check the box “As-it-happens”
  6. Press Save changes.
How will LPGA Amateurs HQ be communicating through the platform?

LPGA Amateurs from time to time may utilize the platform to share information with you about LPGA Amateurs’ ongoings, member benefits, partners, events, Chapters, and other members. Communication frequency is determined by your settings for managing notifications. LPGA Amateurs may have partner ads displayed on the platform ad spaces. Chapters may from time to time use the platform to share about LPGA Amateurs Chapter ongoings, member benefits, partners, events, and other members.

How do I opt in or out of the Directory in the Virtual Community?

Please note that all Directory preferences that were selected in the Member Clubhouse were carried over to the Virtual Community Platform.
To update your settings:

  1. Login to the Virtual Community
  2. On the right hand side of the screen press on the circle which has a dropdown called Account Settings
  3. On Profile, under Personal settings on the left, scroll down to the field that says “Live Presence (Opt In/Out of Directory)”
    • If you wish to Opt In: Select Public
    • If you wish to Opt Out: Select Invisible
  4. Throughout the Profile there are fields such as Email, City, State/Province, Zip, and Phone Number that you can choose to have hidden in the directory and in your profile by checking the hide box above the field or by unchecking the hide box you can display the field in the directory (if you are opted in) and in your profile.
  5. Press Update Profile
Can I opt out of using the platform?

While we hope all LPGA Amateurs members benefit from the Virtual Community, you are not required to use the Virtual Community and are free to stop using it at any time. You have the option to use the Account Settings to hide your profile information by using the Live Presence field and selecting Invisible or you can delete your account by contacting

Community Recommendations

To consider when posting

  • The more focused and specific your question the better the response.
  • State the topic of conversation clearly.
  • Avoid asking multiple questions in one post.
  • Opinions on golfing subjects are welcome if they are identified as opinions, but you should not present an opinion solely to promote contention.
  • We recommend posts be up to three paragraphs or shorter.
  • Include context for questions or discussion topics.
  • Be a generous contributor. Please connect and engage with those around you.
  • Share golf-related best practices.
  • Make a conscious effort to share your expertise with those who ask questions.
  • Post discussions in a constructive, positive, conversational manner in a way that builds up others and the community.
  • Choose the appropriate forums and discussions for the topics you would like to discuss.
  • Don’t distract or redirect conversations. If your response brings in a different topic, consider starting a new thread on that topic.
  • Don’t make comments that are not relevant to the current topic. Please direct “thank you” notes as private messages.
  • Share learnings, questions, resources, and the fun!
  • Include context around why you're sharing resources with the community.