Nancy Oliver – Act Like a Founder Award

About the Award

In 1950, a group of 13 women signed a charter forming what is now the oldest continuous women’s professional sports league, the LPGA Tour. Seventy years after those brave Founders took that first step, the LPGA and the LPGA Amateur Golf Association continue to stand on the shoulders of those women. In 2019, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association inaugurated the Nancy Oliver – Act Like a Founder Award, celebrating both the 13 Founders and Oliver’s contributions towards growing the game of golf.

The Nancy Oliver Act Like a Founder Award recognizes LPGA Amateur Golf Association members who:
* Display exceptional long-term volunteer leadership and service to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association
* Exemplify the passion, spirit and mission of the LPGA Amateurs by enriching women’s lives through the game of golf
* Advocate for the local LPGA Amateurs Chapter and association as a whole
* Positively engage with LPGA Amateurs members and the local community
* Desire to leave the Chapter and the LPGA Amateur Golf Association better than she found it


Eligibility Requirements:

All LPGA Amateurs members in good standing may nominate qualified candidates. Nominees must have a minimum of 5 cumulative years of volunteer service and must be a current member in good standing (nominees do not need to be a current leader).

Judy Johnson-Schoellkopf and Nancy Oliver

Judy Johnson-Schoellkopf & Nancy Oliver


2019  Recipient 

Judy Johnson-Schoellkopf has been named winner of the 2019 Nancy Oliver – Act Like a Founder Award. Johnson-Schoellkopf’s volunteer history with the organization goes back to 1996, as a founding chapter member and membership chair of the LPGA Amateurs Eastern Shore, MD/DE Chapter. She is a four-time president and four-time vice president, and has also served as membership recruitment director, golf event chair, social event chair, volunteer recognition chair and board advisor. The full press release can be found at the following link:

Feb. 5 2020 – Judy Johnson-Schoellkopf Named 2019 Nancy Oliver – Act Like a Founder Award Winner


2019  Nominees

Ann Mackey, BJ Hansen, Bonnie Fannin, Bree Hartlage, Carol Owens, Cathy Bregar, Cecilia (Cece) Peabody, Celeste Methot, Diane Peterson, Diane Volkert, Donna Beland, Elizabeth (Lib) Northen, Gale Wallmark, Hilary Tuohy, Janis Luce, Jeanne Biggerstaff, Joan C. Cavanaugh, Joan DeSalvo-Mansour, Judy Johnson-Schoellkopf, Karen “Kiki” Leedy, Karen Caume, Karen Ramsey, Kate Collins, Kerstin Koenig, Linda Boyer, Linda Kueny, Margaret E. Downey, Maureen Mahoney, Michelle Florea, Missie Berteotti, MJ Smith, Mourine (Mo) White, Nancy Adair, Pam Katros, Patrice Franco, Paulette Pilsner, Sharon Durling, Shirley Brown, Susan Macina, Susan Penn, Sylvia Sumners, Tammy Curtis, Theresa Stamey, Zoe Dommel