LPGA Amateur Golf Association™

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ is one of the largest women’s amateur golf associations in the world and was formerly known as the Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA). The Association maintains 14,000 members in 130+ chapters in the US and internationally. The membership shares a passion for the game and a love of their local golf communities. Diverse in every way, members play golf for a variety of reasons –to learn something new, to connect with other women, to compete, for health and wellness, for business, or just plain fun.

The LPGA Amateurs take fun seriously! Over 7,500 local and national events are typically played every year. Chapters host a variety of casual get-togethers, social & networking events, clinics, and weekly playing opportunities. If someone is looking for competitive golf, we offer that too! LPGA Amateurs conducts multiple Association-Wide events annually ranging from team formats to individual stroke play events.

For nearly 30 years, the EWGA connected thousands of women across the U.S. and beyond to learn, play, and enjoy golf for business and fun. By joining forces with the LPGA, the LPGA Amateurs are now able to broaden their reach and continue to change the face of golf through access to the LPGA’s global brand and extensive resources.

Through The LPGA Foundation and LPGA Women’s Network, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association creates a seamless transition for women looking to go from aspiring player to recreational golfer and serve as an advocate for positive change within the game.

As an LPGA Professional you are eligible for a complimentary membership into the LPGA Amateurs. Why should you take advantage of this free offer?

  • The LPGA Amateurs are thirsty for golf knowledge, and YOU are the experts in women’s golf. We offer LPGA Professionals opportunities to conduct webinars and/or Facebook live events for the membership and you are more than welcome to join in as an audience member and tune into these interesting topics as well!
  • Integration is so important to the success of the LPGA, we as Professionals rely on the LPGA Tour to provide exposure to the LPGA brand and in turn the Tour relies on us and our students to grow the fan base. The LPGA Amateurs rely on the LPGA Professionals to help them with their golf skills and to increase the number of golfers in the game which ensures the health and long-term sustainability of this game we all love.
  • We, as LPGA Professionals, are always looking to make connections and build our networks and the 14,000+ LPGA Amateur members in 130 local Chapters are a great opportunity to do that.
  • By joining the LPGA Amateurs, you are supporting your LPGA Family and one of the largest amateur golf associations in the world.

It’s simple to join and you can be as engaged and involved as you like to be, you can even join to take advantage of some of the excellent benefits available to LPGA Amateurs members.

Click here to become a member of the LPGA Amateurs and make sure to use the code LPGAPros2022 for your complimentary membership! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to membership@lpgaamateurs.com.