Virtual Scramble

2022 LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble
July 8 - 24, 2022

What is a Virtual Scramble?

The LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble is an opportunity for you to compete with fellow LPGA Amateurs members from the US, Canada, Bermuda, and the Dominican Republic virtually! Create your own team of 4 LPGA Amateurs and play a 4-person scramble at any Par 72 course you choose during the tournament dates.

When is it?

You will play your scramble round any day between July 8 -24, 2022.

How much is it to play?

$200 per team ($50 per person). All proceeds go to the LPGA Amateurs Women on Par Scholarship Fund and Grant and the Renee Powell Grant!

Why should you play?

Funds from the LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble directly impacts lives in YOUR Community. The LPGA Amateurs Women on Par Scholarship has assisted almost 30 women in obtaining their college degree! The LPGA Amateurs Women on Par Grant could directly affect YOUR Chapter by providing educational programs and support to increase the number of underrepresented members in your Chapter. And of course, multiple prizes will be awarded based on Gross and Net scores, as well as a few fun contests. You will also receive LPGA Partner offers/discounts throughout the tournament!

Registration for the LPGA Amateurs Virtual Scramble will be open from June 17 – July 24, 2022.