Mother-Daughter Member Pairs

At the LPGA Amateur Golf Association we have quite a few Mother-Daughter member pairs. To celebrate Mother’s Day we reached out to a few of those Daughters.

Mary Herlin a member who joined the Seattle, WA Chapter in 2004, is also a dedicated global volunteer that assists and advises many Chapters across the US. Today, Mary is celebrating her mom, Maggie Mielonen. For Mary and her Mom, golfing is a time to relax and have fun.

Prior to joining the LPGA Amateurs, Mary played golf mostly with her boyfriend, now husband, “while it was fun, I wanted to meet more women who also like golf,” said Mary.  Her Mom, Maggie, saw how much fun she was having and decided to join as well. Mary shared, “I’m so glad she did…she’s made friends through this organization and it’s nice to see her being social and active.”

For Mary, there isn’t just one favorite golf memory of her and her mom, “I really like traveling for the weekend trips with the LPGA Amateurs sister chapters. We have done that a few times and a golfing road trip is always fun.”

Mary’s message to her Mom, touched our hearts.

“Some people don’t ever know what it’s like to be loved unconditionally but I do. As I get older and look back through the years, I think that my mom has always been there supporting me. I am by no means the perfect daughter…. I’ve had my moments but I hope she knows how much I appreciate her for everything she has done. My childhood is one full of happy memories with my family. Simply put, I love you mom!”


Melissa Owens-Soriano, from the Poconos Chapter celebrates her Mother, Carol Owens. Carol joined the organization in 2005 and two years later her daughter, Melissa joined. Carol is currently serving as the Poconos Chapter President. Volunteering must run in their family because her daughter, Melissa is the Marketing Director of the Poconos Chapter.

Melissa’s favorite memory with her Mom occurred when she advanced to the Finals in 2017. Her Mom was so excited, she became her golf caddy! We love her special message for her Mom:

“Mom, thank you for teaching me not only to play with integrity but to live with integrity every day. I love you.”


Watch the full video message below:

Melissa’s Video Message to her Mom

These two Mother-Daughter pairs would be an awesome foursome! Happy Mother’s Day to all, here’s to making to more memories on and off the course!


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